About Joah Love

woman holding up baby dress
2008 Ahyoung checking out the first dress completed from the sewing factory. 
Ahyoung and James and 2 sons

We make it look easy. 

Joah Love started back in 2008 with the goal of designing a line of children’s clothing that was fuss-free, seriously cool, and made locally. Started by two friends, the name came from the first two letters in their names, Joy and Ahyoung, and was also a nod to Ahyoung’s Korean heritage--the word Joah means “to like something”.  Liking things is good. So is being kind, being happy, and being a good human--we think all these things are very important and Joah Love takes these warm, fuzzy ideas pretty seriously.  

“As a mom to two sons now, I always try to create pieces that are comfy and easy, pieces that they could literally go to sleep in and also school the next day,” says Ahyoung, who now drives the business solo. But Joah Love is always designed, produced and shipped in Los Angeles. “We are a small, but mighty team,” she adds. 

Timeless over trendy. Can’t forget that. 

Beloved by boys and girls, and crafted from the softest knit fabrics and always with that amazingly soft, vintage feel that has become a beloved and defining element of everything Joah Love. Not a lot of snaps, zips, or extra bits (unless you count our obsession with cool logo tees and neon trimmings) because that’s the way we like it. You will too. So will your children. 

How’s that for easy?