In early March, 2020, Ahyoung, owner of Joah Love, saw the early signs of the pandemic and how it was going to affect, not only her business, but the world. “I’m from Korea, where wearing a mask is common place even if you just have a cold --it’s just seen as a courtesy to protect other people from your own possible germs,” she says. “There is no stigma at all.”

While most were still grappling with how to operate Zoom, Ahyoung had designed a functional, non-medical grade mask for adults and children. “I tried it on my son, husband and myself and gave it easy, adjustable patent-pending straps,” she says. 

Initially made from her own fabric remnants, Joah Love donates one mask to essential workers and local charities for every mask sold. “I feel so proud of these masks, as we’re doing our part to keep people safe, but it’s also allowed me to keep all of my sewers and staff working so the success feels two-fold.” So, mask up. Be considerate. See the positive. Be a happy human. We’re better together. 

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